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Southern Beach Hotel & Resort

Telephone: 098-992-7500

Remarks about office Telephone: Receive calls only. Receiving calls is only permitted in emergencies. If you wish to call family etc, please use an International phone, or purchase a cheap pre-paid mobile phone for yourself (SOFTBANK is best).


Persons per room: 4-5

Curfew: none

Travel from Dorm to Work: 10-15 mins by bicycle (about 2 kms)

Telephone: None

About the Dormitory:

As Southern Beach Hotel and Resort does not have a purpose built dormitory for staff, we have rented two apartments. One will be the boys dorm, the other will be the girls dorm. Both apartments are next to each other. The resort will provide bikes for you to use to get to and from work, which you can also use on your days off.

Note : You are responsible for the bikes. If stolen they will need to be replaced. Roughly 6000yen will be deducted from you next pay. Bikes being stolen is rare, and adding an additional 100yen lock to your rear tires will almost ensure that it won’t be.

There may be no other Japanese staff from the hotel living in the same dorm (apartment block) as you. While in the first two weeks some past staff have worried that this will hamper their efforts to make Japanese friends or improve their Japanese, they soon realized that it is not the case. Rest assured, after settling in you’ll find that your dorm is a fun place to be. Of course, you’re more than welcome to invite your Japanese friends to your dorm. Make sure you get permission from your room mates first though!

Items provided in the dorm:

– Futon mattress – (No sheet, pillow or pillow-case. You can bring with you, or purchase them when we meet you in Okinawa).

– Air-conditioning unit.
– Washing machine.
– Gas burner
– Fridge

Items not Included in the dorm:

– Table

– Chairs
– Plates/cutlery
– Pots/pans
– Shelving
– Clothes line/pegs
– Toiletries
Many of the above items can be purchased from the 100yen shop. We will go there with you before taking you to the resort, so you may wish to buy some things for your room then. Of course you will have a chance to go again by yourself on your day off.

Dorm Fees Explained:

At other resorts the dorm fees are deducted from your wages by the resort. However as Southern Beach Hotel and Resort does not have a dormitory, and instead we are renting two apartments for you, the resort will not deduct any dorm costs from your wage. Instead, we will collect the dorm fees from you directly each month after you have been paid.

As mentioned in the tentative offer we sent you, the dorm costs for Southern Beach Hotel and Resort are higher than at other resorts (due to the costs involved in renting apartments for a short time, and purchasing things such as futons and airconditioning units etc. To compensate for the slightly higher dorm costs, you will be paid a higher hourly wage by the hotel.

We will collect your first month’s rent when you arrive in Okinawa, so please bring it with you when we meet you in Okinawa. The amount will be sent to you by email soon, if it has not been sent already.

For future dorm payments, we will either collect it from you directly in Okinawa if we are there, or will request you to transfer it to us at your local bank. Of course, we will absorb any transfer fees involved in transferring the money to us. Transfer within five weekdays of being paid will be expected unless stated otherwise in an email.

We will explain this in more detail at the arrival orientation in Okinawa.




Hotel : There are customer computers in the lobby which you are able to use. However they are meant for customers, so please try to be considerate and not use them for too long, or too often. In addition, if necessary, you can ask at the office and you may be able to use the internet in there. They are hotel computers so please use them appropriately. They are fixed computers with no wireless capability to connect your personal laptops.

Dorm : There is currently no internet in the dormitory. However, we will discuss a couple of internet options with you after you arrive. One such option is that everyone splits the cost of a wireless internet modem and contract. If split between everyone it will not cost much at all.

Other : Japanese cell phones (even cheap pre-paid ones) come equipped with email. For a 6000-8000yen phone on a 300yen/month unlimited email plan you can contact friends and family back home via email anytime.


The office can look after small valuables (passport etc., except cash). Otherwise, you can just keep everything in your room. As long as you make sure to always lock all your windows and doors when you leave your dorm room, your valuables will be safe.

Other facilities / services available to Staff:

50% off at the restaurant (up to 8 ppl)



Southern Beach hotel require that all staff have a medical checkup after arriving in Okinawa, and before you start work.

It is not uncommon for Japanese companies to request their new recruits get health checks before they can start work, and is nothing you need to worry about. They usually just check your height, weight, blood pressure and a chest x-ray. A stool sample may also be required, which is likely to be embarrassing for the Japanese staff to explain. Please be aware that it might happen so you aren’t shocked if asked. Thanks!

We will give you more information about when and where to get the medical checkup after you arrive. The total cost is 15,000yen, which you are required to pay yourself. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.


You will be provided bikes to get to and from work, however on some days during typhoons you may not be able to use your bikes. In that case you will have to pay for your own transport to the hotel.


The bikes the resort lend you are property of the resort. If they get stolen or lost, you are responsible for them and they will need to be replaced. Please ensure you keep your bikes locked at all time.

Riding with someone on the back of your bike is illegal. Please do not do it as you will be stopped by the police if seen.

Distance to main town – Travel means and Approximate time:

Supermarket / Convenience store: 1 min walk

Post Office: 3 mins walk

Bank: 2 mins walk (ATM), 6 mins walk

Handy Words to Know for the Bank.

Pin Number : anshou bangou

Account : kouza

Transfer : furikomi

Bank book : techou

Cash : genkin

Withdrawal : hikidashi

There are many exciting places to visit in the surrounding area while you’re there – on your days off, visit your local Information Centre for details, info on getting there, or to book tours etc!

Pay Period/Payday:

End-month / 10th

(ie. you will be paid for your work for the July 1st ~ 31st period, on August 10th).


Details: (Things you bring)


Males – Black leather shoes.

Females – Black low heel shoes.

A white singlet or white t-shirt to wear under the uniform shirts that the hotel will provide.

A pair of black pants or a black skirt. While it may be provided by the resort, Japanese sizes are small. If they do not have one suitable in your size, you will need to buy your own which may be a hassle for you in your first few days. We ask that you please bring at least one pair of black pants or a black skirt just in case.


Males + Females – White sneakers.

A white singlet or white t-shirt to wear under the uniform shirts the uniform will provide.

A pair of dark brown pants or a dark brown skirt (If you have them). Otherwise black pants or a black skirt should be OK for the time being. While they will be provided by the resort, Japanese sizes are small and if they do not have any in your size, you will need to buy your own in Japan which may be a hassle for you in your first few days.

All positions:

Note : Although unlikely, it is possible that your position could change while at the hotel. In that case it is possible that you might not use something you bring, or you may need to purchase another item to be used as uniform in a different section within the hotel. Thanks for your understanding.


You’ll be picked up at the Airport, and taken to participate in a short Recruitment Seminar held by a local Japanese Resort Job Agency. There, you’ll receive your official job offer, sign your contract, and hear important information about your stay etc.

After the Seminar, it’s a 20 minute bus ride to your Resort. After a short tour, meeting your bosses, and signing a few documents, you’ll be dropped-off at your dorm – then the real fun begins!