Our Paid Hotel/Resort Internships

We offer paid Internships in Hotels/Resorts all around Japan.
NOTE: All applicants for our Paid Hotel / Resort Internships must be eligible for a Japanese Working Holiday Visa (click to see if you’re eligible)

Not eligible for a Working Holiday Visa? You may still be eligible for our Cultural Programs!

Our Hotel / Resort internships are a unique opportunity to gain insight into the Japanese Tourism / Hospitality industry.
Our Paid Hotel Internships allow you to learn about management within the Hotel / Tourism industry, and how the honorific mode of Japanese is used in an everyday situation. Theory can be taught on campus, but students need opportunities to observe how it is applied in the real world, and to practice it in the country.
Our Hotel/Resort Internship programs assist with professional skills development of students of degrees including, but not limited to:

Types of Programs

Programs run from 8 – 14 weeks, and can be tailored to suit your availability. There are two internship programs available:

1. Standard Hotel Internship Program
An Internship program for Intermediate / Advanced level Japanese speakers

2. Intensive Hotel Internship Program
A combined Japanese Language Course + Internship program for Beginner level Japanese speakers

The Intensive Internship program is suitable for beginner-level Japanese speakers who wish to participate in one of our Internships. Intensive program interns complete our Japanese Language Course before departure to ensure they have the minimum Japanese level necessary to function in Japan.

Types of Hotels

We specialise in helping interns find positions in Resort Hotels around Japan.
Winter Hotel Interns in Japan

Resort Hotels are located in rural areas of Japan (Hokkaido, Niigata, Nagano, Okinawa), and are seasonal (Winter Hotels operate from Dec – Apr, Summer Hotels operate from May – Nov, with some in Okinawa operating all-year round).

Positions are short-term (usually up to 3 months).

Resort Hotels offer Dormitory Accommodation and Meals for staff at reduced rates, and Ski Resort Hotels also offer free season ski lift-passes.

Types of Positions

Various positions are available in the Hotels. You may be assigned to check-in customers at the front desk, greet customers in the lobby as a bellhop, as a waiter in one of the many restaurants, or to one of many other positions.
Interns working in an Okinawa Hotal

As some positions in Hotels are more linguistically demanding than others, you will be matched to positions based on your Japanese ability. In all positions, you will be exposed to the Japanese Honorifics in use every day, which is an extraordinary opportunity to practice your “keigo”, that you would not find possible in your home country.
Read full Job descriptions of all available paid internship positions.

Salary & Conditions

Interns are employed by their host company directly. All Internships are paid at approx. 650yen per hour (according to minimum wage law in Japan). As Japanese companies pay on a monthly basis, interns will receive a salary of approx. 110-125,000 yen (Currency Convertor) before tax per month**.
NOTE: all income is taxed at 20% (see our FAQ section for details).

Most Internships have a 40-48hr/week schedule (about 170-190 hours per month, 6-7 days off per month)**. An average day is 8am – 5pm (with 1-hour unpaid lunch break), however some positions may start earlier of finish later. Overtime work (10pm – 5am) is paid at 125% of hourly wages (and is expected during busy periods).

**IMPORTANT: Please note that the above work hours / monthly salary figures are only estimates, and can fluctuate greatly depending on how busy the Hotel is. No Hotel/Resort can guarantee minimum work hours, due to seasonal weather conditions etc. (eg. if there’s no snow, that probably means less customers, which of course means not as much work time for everyone). Thank you for your understanding.

All Interns are covered by Japanese “Rousai” Work Insurance on the job.

Dormitory Accommodation

Most Hotels provide Accommodation in or near the hotel where you will be undertaking the Internship program (see our FAQ section for rough costs).

Generally, employer-provided dormitory accomodation is either in walking distance, or is a short bus or train trip away.

The accommodation provided is similar to a university dormitory. Kitchen and bathing facilities will be shared.
Interns will be able to become friends with the Japanese people in their dormitory, and get to know Japan through contact with Japanese people.

Note about Bathing: In Japan, single-sex communal baths are part of the culture. Bathing facilities in Hotels are communal. There will be a single room, with a line of showers situated next to each other (where you first wash your body), and a single bathtub which fits about 4-6 people (which everyone gets into after their body is clean). You will be required to bathe naked with your roommates etc. – again, there is nothing strange about this – it has been part of their culture for thousands of years. If this will be a problem, please consider whether Japan Internships are for you.

Academic Requirements

For the duration of their Internship, all students will be regularly supervised / assessed to discuss their progress and to ensure they are getting the most out of their work placement.
Winter Resort Interns in Hakuba, Japan

They will also be required to keep a fortnightly journal in Japanese, and write a reflective essay about what they learn from the experience. Upon successful completion of the Internship, students will receive a Certificate to acknowledge their participation.

Course Credit

As international work experience and internships are not a common requirement in courses at many Universities, most opportunities do not carry credit but do provide a valuable experience by undertaking formal training in an international context. If you wish to discuss getting credit for your participation in Japan Internships, you will need to seek permission from your course co-ordinator, or the relevant Internship Placement Officer at your campus. Please feel free to Contact us anytime for further information.

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