Our Japan Cultural Programs

In co-operation with "English Teachers in Okinawa (ETIO)", we offer Japan Cultural Programs in a wide variety of industries around Okinawa, Japan. The only study abroad program in Japan that combines Japanese language study, internship, & sightseeing all in one!

Normally this is a 4-week program, but we can also tailor programs to individuals and groups (inquire for group rates) – from 2 weeks to 3 months. You can start studying Japanese, interning, and sightseeing with us right away as our programs run all-year round, starting every month.

Many of our former students are available for contact, just let us know and we will forward their information. In fact, you can contact many of them directly on the Facebook page: Study & intern in Okinawa

We know that we have a GREAT program and that no other program can compare to ours, so we highly recommend that you contact our former students so they can tell you in their own words what our program is really like. We want you to be confident that you are choosing the best program for you!!!

* Please note that all our Cultural Program Internships are unpaid.


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Program Options (Okinawa)

There are three Cultural programs available:


1. Language Instruction Only
Average class size ranges from 10 to 20 students.
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes.
You’ll have homework too, but this program still offers lots of free time to have fun and explore!

Morning – 3.5 hours of classes (incl. breaks)
OR Afternoon – 3.5 hours of classes (incl. breaks)


2. Language Instruction AND Part-time Internship
Morning – 3.5 hours of classes (incl. breaks)
AND Afternoon – approx. 4 hours of internship*


3. Full-time Internship
Morning – approx. 4 hours of internship
AND Afternoon – approx. 4 hours of internship*


* Time & length of internship may vary according to your internship program – the number of hours per week are based upon your needs and desires.

NOTE: Japanese language classes run Monday to Friday, except on Japanese national holidays. Internships may include weekend or national holiday placements – please be flexible.


Cultural Program Costs

All participants are responsible for their own travel expense to Japan, and for purchasing Travel Insurance for the entire period of their Program. The cost varies: expect to pay between USD$1,500 – $2,000 (in addition to our Cultural Program Fees) for everything.

Our programs include:

• Orientation packet and informational session

• Japanese language placement exam

• 60 hours of classroom language instruction

• Textbooks

• 80-160 hours of Internship

• Basic shared housing with a fully functional kitchen – a private room in a Japanese style apartment or youth hostel (depending on program chosen)
NOTE: For an additional 80-100,000yen, you can get medium to high-end private housing

• Meals: lunch is provided Monday to Friday

• 4 cultural activities

• 2 sightseeing tours (Southern, Central, or Northern Okinawa)

• Ground transportation (airport pick-up/drop-off, cultural activities, and field trips)

• Free mobile phone to use for the entire duration of the program!!!

• Personal assistance will be available 24 hours a day during the entire duration of the program

• A certificate of completion

There is a separate 10,000yen refundable deposit for a cleaning fee and your mobile phone. The deposit will be returned at the end of the program if your room is clean and the phone is returned in proper working order.

Cultural Activities

All 3 Cultural Programs include:

* 4 cultural activities (per month)

* 2 field trips (per month) – Southern, Central, or Northern Okinawa

Cultural activities may include: a BBQ, bowling, calligraphy class, cultural exchanges with Okinawans, flower arrangement class, golf, karaoke, karate class, kimono class, Okinawa Dance/Dialect/Music class, playing sports/water sports, private parties, tea ceremony class, weekend night markets, etc.


Study Abroad: Academic Credit

** You can also get university/college credit for our programs:

Option 1: Four credits for language
Option 2: Two credits for language & two credits for part-time internship
Option 3: Four credits for full-time internship.

If you wish to discuss getting credit for your participation in our Japan Cultural Programs/Internships, you will need to seek permission from your course co-ordinator, or the relevant Internship Placement Officer at your campus. Please feel free to Contact us anytime for further information, or give them our contact details so they can contact us directly.


Types of Internships available in our Cultural Programs

NOTE: All our Cultural Program Internships are unpaid

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Don’t see what you want here? Contact us to request the type of internship you’d like, and we may be able to find it for you!



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