Short-term paid positions, working in Hotels/Resorts around Japan. (more details…)


Combines Japanese language study, unpaid internship, & sightseeing all in one!
(more details…)

Nationality: Must be eligible for a Japanese Working Holiday Visa: Citizens from Australia / New Zealand / Canada / South Korea / France / Germany / UK / Ireland / Denmark / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Norway / Portugal / Poland ** between 18-30 years of age, currently residing in their country of citizenship, are eligible. Unfortunately, Permanent Residents of these countries are ineligible. Any nationality which has Visa Exemption Arrangements with Japan is accepted:Check if your Nationality is on the list here
Language Course Included: Only required for true beginners (costs AUD$79) (more details…) Yes (If you choose either of the language instruction program options) (more details…)
Paid Internship: Yes (approx. 693-750yen per hour before tax according to minimum wage) No
Duration: 8-18 weeks 4-8 weeks
Availability: Summer Resorts: 2+ months, anytime of year, but most positions are between May-Oct
Winter Resorts: 2+ months between Dec-Apr
Year-round (must be available for at least 4 weeks)
Japanese Ability Required: 6 months of previous study experience (self study is acceptable) Language Instruction programs: None
Internship programs: 6 months of previous study (self study is acceptable)
Assessment Criteria: Bi-weekly 400char Japanese Journal + Final 1200 word English Report Not required


Flight: Must pay yourself (approx. USD$1000) Must pay yourself (approx. USD$1000)
Travel Insurance: Must pay yourself (approx. USD$300) Must pay yourself (approx. USD$300)
Program fee: FREE From ¥270,000 (Click for Currency Convertor)
Delivery: ¥10,000yen (includes Orientation) Included
Accommodation: Approx. ¥15,000yen per month (Ski),
¥30,000yen per month (Beach)
Meals: Approx ¥15,000yen per month (Ski),
¥5,000yen per month (Beach)
Lunch is included Monday – Friday, other meals you can buy/cook yourself.
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